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Wedding Ring Found In Sanger

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On May 4, 2021, I received a phone call from a gentleman named Diego. Diego explained to me that his wife had lost her wedding ring and asked if I could help. Of course I said yes. I met up with Diego and his wife and had them both reenact the event leading up to the ring being lost. Diego explained to me that ha had taken his wife’s ring into the kitchen and washed it off, put it in a paper towel and set it on the table on the back patio. Diego then stated that his wife doesn’t remember the ring sitting on the table. Diego said that before I had arrived they searched the area surrounding the table with no luck. I focused on a comment that Diego had made about the paper towel. Diego stated that he had thrown the paper towel in the fire pit with some other trash and burned the trash that morning before I arrived. With all the information in hand I searched the patio area, the kitchen, living room, bedroom. Pretty much the entire house as well as the vehicle that was used after ring was lost. I had no luck in any of the places I had searched throughout the house. I remembered Diego mentioning that he had thrown the paper towel in the fire pit. I asked Diego to lead me to the fire pit. Diego grabbed a shovel and we both started sifting through the burnt trash scoop by scoop. On the third scoop we both saw something shiny that didn’t fit in with the rest of the trash. Diego reached down and picked up the shiny object. Guess what it was! Yep the missing wedding ring! It was a little tarnished but it was still beautiful and intact. Diego and his wife were so relieved that we had found the ring. We all shared some hugs and a few tears of joy knowing that the mission had been accomplished.

I was also given an invitation to search an old property that they own in the future. According to legend the previous owner didn’t trust banks so he hid his money on the property. Diego invited me to help look for the so called caches that could be hidden on the property according to the family that previously owned the property. Looking forward to what I might find.


See you at the next smile!


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On July 27th, 2019, my family and I headed out to Hensley lake in Madera county to enjoy a fun filled day of watersports and Jet skiing. I decided I wanted to wake board so I asked my little sister to hold my engagement ring for me while I was off the boat. We decided to take a break and relax in a cove so everyone could eat some lunch. A short time later my sister decided to cool off and by total accident forgetting she had my ring on her finger jumped into the water. When she came out of the water she said, “Oh No” and instantly we all seemed to know what had happened. My ring had slipped off her finger. We hired an underwater diver to come out and search but he was unsuccessful due to the visibility of the water. Our only option was to wait it out and as the water receded go out and metal detect on our own. For over 7 months my family and I went out on numerous different occasions and tried to recover it. Every time I felt more and more hopeless that I would never get my ring back. On Thursday Feb 6th my Mom made a call to expert and got in contact with a wonderful man named Brian Haines. They made a plan to meet the following Saturday and with his guidance and assistance go out and search again. They were on the lake at approximately 9am and made their way to the site where we had known the ring to have been lost. Around 11:30 a.m. they got a beep off one of the metal detectors. They dug but didn’t find anything. Brian came over to where they were and scanned the area with his detector and got a solid reading, so they dig a little deeper. About 3 inches under the surface was MY RING!!!! With Brian’s expertise my ring was found after being lost for over 8 months. I cannot express the gratitude I have towards Brian for helping assist us in this. You have single handedly mended all of our broken hearts by getting my ring back to me. Brian put Nov 7th, 2020 on your calendar because you have a wedding to attend so we can celebrate together.

Thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts,

Kaitlyn Hurtado and Darrick Avila(Fresno,CA)
Grant and Mindy McClung(Coarsegold, CA)





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On Monday, 9-23-2019, I received a phone call from Kristy in Sanger, CA. Kristy told me that her husband had lost his tungsten wedding band and asked if I could help. I asked Kristy to tell how he lost his wedding ring. Kristy stated that he was washing his hands in a bucket of water, pulled his hands out of the bucket, shook the water off of his hands and the ring went flying. She also said that her and her husband heard the ring hit a chain link fence about 4 feet away in front of them. Kristy also informed me that her and her husband had gotten on their hands and knees pulling weeds trying to locate her husbands ring with no luck. Kristy also informed me that they rented a metal detector the next day  to try and find the ring but had no luck. I could hear that tone in Kristy’s voice that she was really hoping I could help her find her husbands wedding ring. I told Kristy that I would be more than happy to help and to give me a date and time when we could meet. Kristy set the date and time for the next morning (Tuesday, 9-24-2019) to meet at the location where the ring was lost.

Kristy and I arrived at the same time and I asked her to demonstrate exactly what had happened. Kristy did a great job of reenacting the entire event. So, with the information I had I started a grid search of the area on the front side of the chain link fence with negative results. I asked Kristy if we could get access to the area on the other side of the fence. She said she had the key and unlocked the gate for me. I entered the area just inside the fence and began searching. I was getting a lot of trash signals from the coil of my detector so I got on my knees and used my pin pointer. I took about three sweeps with the pin pointer and got a loud, strong signal. I moved some dried grass and BINGO!! There it was right on top of the ground. Kristy immediately got excited and was so thankful that I had found her husbands ring. Kristy said he was very upset all week and every time he would touch his ring finger he would get depressed.

And to add to the story, Kristy’s sister came by to see how we were doing. She was also excited to hear that the ring had been recovered.  Below are are pics of the ring and a pic of her husband being reunited with his wedding ring.