RingFinder Relay!

  • from Palm Beach (Florida, United States)

New Years Day, 1/1/16, I got a call from John Volek, a Ring Finder out of Houston, TX.  He was contacted by a couple out of Pompano Beach who lost a Rolex in the intracoastal!  He asked if I was setup to dive, and I replied I was.  I went out to the site and met with Lauren and her boyfriend.  It was late in the day by the time I got out to the site, and getting dark.  I didn’t have but 500 PSI left in my tank, but I figured for the 8ft-10ft I was diving I would be OK for a bit. The water was dark, a bit cold and rather nasty :).  I had zero visibility, and was basically feeling around trying to make the best use of the time  I ran out of air and was set to return the next day.  Unfortunately I got an ear infection from something in that nasty water!  It had also got rather cold outside.  Luckily however, they had contacted another ring finder Don Riley and he was able to come out.  Don dove and found the watch pictured below.  Great effort and teamwork by all Ring Finders involved!!!



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