Ring Recovery for Snowbird

  • from Palm Beach (Florida, United States)

Got a call on 2/13/16.  Michael had been walking not he beach, and his ring came off.  He knew the exact area it had come off, and established a perimeter of cones.  This was at Juno Beach, one of my favorite beaches in Palm Beach County.  I was in Loxahatchee at the time, so the time from when I got the call to arrival was about 2 hours.  I wasn’t there but less than a few minutes before I got the tell-tale sound from my Excalibur and picked up his ring.  I got an applause from the onlooking sunbathers!  Michael was down from New York.

It’s not uncommon for my calls to come from out of towers. Locals learn over the years its a bad idea to bring jewelry to the beach.  Marking the area with a perimeter was a smart idea on Michaels part, the way the beach looks can change in an instant with people coming and going and the tides moving, better safe than sorry!

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