Lost wedding ring found in 7 inches of snow

  • de Bruce (South Dakota, United States)

image3 image1-1This search was not initiated through the ring finders site, but I wanted to share it anyway for the happy ending.  Back in November of 2014, I received a call from a guy whom I work with asking me if I would be willing to help a friend of his find his lost wedding band.  It was on a Saturday, and I wasn’t working, so I said I would help. It had just snowed 7 inches of fresh light snow that night before, so I thought it might be a challenge, but I’d give it my best shot.  I had been handing out some business cards at work the week before to let people know I help people find lost items, jewelry, and anything they may value.   So,when this guy’s friend lost his wedding band he gave me a call.  I had told my friend at work, that I only ask for gas money and any reward was up to the client.

I use an ACE 250 with an 8 inch butterfly  coil which I have used many times when I am coin shooting.  The wedding ceremony was held at a reception hall that used to be a church, and the area where he lost the ring was not very big,  maybe 20 feet by 15 feet, but there was still 7 or more inches of snow, albeit very soft light stuff.  I met the two guys out in front of the building as they were still looking over the ground thinking they might see something.

They told me that this guy, I’ll call him Bob,as I don’t remember his name, and a few other guys had been out playing in the snow and throwing snowballs at each other.  When they decided to go inside for a while Bob noticed his wedding ring missing from his finger. They all went outside and after searching for about 15 minutes, someone found the ring.   Bob was relieved and they went back inside for a while to warm up.

Then about a hour later, the same group went back outside and started playing in the snow throwing snowballs.  After a while they got too cold again and they went inside to warm up, again.  It was, then,  and there that Bob noticed his wedding ring was missing again.  So, that’s when my friend called me and asked if I could help.

After I searched the big area where all the snowball fights took place with no luck, I concentrated on an area that was closer to the sidewalk.  I asked Bob where he had been standing when the last episode of snowball fights took place.  I swept over the area twice and I  had been there for 15 minutes or more and the winds were starting to get stronger and I was getting colder.  I decided to look near a sidewalk that led to a door that they used to get in and out of the hall.  After a minute or two of swinging the coil closer to that walkway, I got a beep and a pretty strong signal.   I used my Garrett Pro-pointer to get down closer, and there was the ring, about 2 feet from the doorway just off the sidewalk.  Bob was so happy to finally find it again, as his new wife was already not too  happy with him and this situation.   My friend took pictures of me and Bob and the lost/now found ring.  It was a titanium ring and not a cheap one to lose.  Bob asked me what he owed me, and I said just for some gas, and he then dished out $30.00 which I happily accepted.  This was a first time for me to help find anything for anybody, so it was very glad I could help and that my metal detecting hobby was getting more and more rewarding.

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