Lost Keys in Brant, Alberta

  • de Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Sometimes no matter how hard you try you come up empty. I got a call from Ken after he had found my blog at www.theringfinders.com/bill.jones , you see Ken had lost the keys to his truck and after checking around in the snow decided it was futile to continue. Ken asked me if I could come out and search his property he figured the area was about two football fields in size. I agreed and a couple of days later I drove out to Ken’s place by Brant Alberta, a 1.5-hour drive from my location, arriving there at noon I got my Metal Detector setup and then scanned the ground as I followed Ken. He retraced his steps from the house to the barn then past some corrals. I had the privilege of meeting their Llama “Dolly” ( Dolly Llama ) we went past the corals to the dumpster, then to a feed area for the horse metal detecting the whole way. So far only deep signals and the odd surface trash. Then I got a good signal in the shed the horses go in to feed, alas, it turned out to be a piece of sharp metal. Good to get it out of there anyway. After 2 hours we had detected through numerous corrals, sheds, and barns. When Ken announced that the May have fallen out of his pocket onto the tractor and vibrated off in one of the fields over 100 acres waiting to be searched. We retired to his beautiful ranch style home ( which is for sale, in case you want a ranch ) had coffee and cookies and discussed the days’ search. Ken showed me the hole in the pocket he thought the keys had fallen out of but we determined that the hole was too small for the keys to fit through, I asked about other clothes he had worn the day of the loss, he said, they were in the laundry hamper. I suggested we check them, his lovely wife went through the pockets of his clothes. Sadly no keys were found but she did come up with a hand full of unchecked lottery tickets destined to be laundered. Hopefully, there is a big winner there, good luck Ken.
Not all hunts are successful but you never know when you might win the lottery.


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  1. Ken Hervey says:

    Yes Bill! You did great and the weather warmed up. Not lucky enough to find the truck remote start and key; but maybe it will turn up if the Chinook continues. Here’s hoping. Baby and Miranda and Anna were sure happy we had to mine sweep their feed, as they got to eat 3 hours early. Hey Bill as an old farmer always told me” when it’s too tough for everyone else; it’s just right for me” thanks for eliminating 90% of the questionable areas. now with a little luck and some consistent watching I may catch site of my lost remote and key and then “win the jackpot!” Whichever comes first!

  2. Bill says:

    Hi Andrew, I started by taking a photo with my phone of an Ariel photo they had on their kitchen wall. Then I imported it into a program called Skitch, it runs on a Mac , then I just used the red pen function to draw in the areas I had metal detected. No rocket science, the same could be achieved with a Paint program.

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