Platinum wedding band lost in the ocean found and returned in St. Augustine!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been contacted by someone though so I was excited when I received a phone call today asking if I’d go look for a Platinum wedding band that was lost at dead low tide in about waist deep water three days earlier.  The wife, Lauren, had found this site while researching about her husband Scott’s lost ring.  I have to admit I was reluctant to go due to the conditions but I geared up and went to the location.   The couple gave me EXCELLENT land marks to go by to narrow down the search.  I hit the beach at about an hour before low tide and found the ring in about 45 to 90 minutes.  Fast for me, it usually takes much longer but this was maybe just meant to be 🙂  I’m thankful to God that this one went so well!

This is the 41st ring I’ve been able to return to the owner.

Update:  Scott just texted me and told me I should title this “The Faith Return”.  He went on to tell me that even though he lost his wedding band he was somehow at peace as if he knew everything was going to be alright.  He had no idea how everything was going to be alright but he had faith that it would.

I have to say on a personal level Scott and Lauren restored MY Faith and I’m pretty FaithFULL.. usually.   But Tuesday and Wednesday I went on a ring recovery for a very expensive, custom made,  family heirloom ring.  That ring is an 18K gold large men’s band with 18 diamonds and a nice size ruby in the center.  The ring was part of a wedding ring set, one for his wife, one for himself, made from a family heirloom watch.  It was incredibly sentimental to them as most wedding bands are and he’d lost it in the ocean Sunday.

On Monday through Facebook someone tagged me in the post about his loss and I was out of town so could not go look for it.  I asked Dick if he’d go and he agreed to.  He looked for hours on Monday without luck then asked if I could cut my trip short to go look with him. I agreed and drove home a day early.  Tuesday we both looked for hours without success even though the husband met Dick Monday to show Dick where he lost it and again came to the beach the second day to show me as well.   On Wednesday I contacted a witness to the loss to see if she remembered where exactly the couple was that lost the ring as she was there when it happened and was the one that posted about it on a local Facebook page.  With a bit more information from her we determined we needed to extend our search further North. We finally found it, further North,  after several more hours searching.

We had record heat here this week, nearly 100 degree and it was a brutal, and I do mean brutal search.  By the time we found it we were both physically in a world of pain and both of us felt like we’d been in the oven for 2 and 3 days.  When we returned the ring they offered us $200.00 for our time.  $100.00 each.   Now I’m the kind of person that does not care too much usually about the money but I have to admit I lost a bit of faith in humanity at such a low reward after so much hard work.  I honestly felt like just taking a break from searches for people for awhile.  Did I mention it was the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during and after Memorial day?  That’s a time when we all want to be detecting those more crowded beaches.  We look forward to that for months and here we were missing it to do that search.

It was a perfect storm bad hunt except that we found the ring in the end.    I hesitate to even post this as I’m not a petty type of person and honestly I didn’t even ask for a reward or even a fee to go look for it.  I simply heard it was lost, contacted the person and jumped right on it.  I know better than to do that so it’s really my own fault that I was let down.   And after all, people pay what they can afford and perhaps that was all they could afford.

The next day,  Thursday, which is today,  I just packed up my things to go detecting for ME.  Me time 🙂  Finally I’d get to go see if anyone lost anything that had not already been found by others detecting and just as I was about to leave the phone rang and it was Lauren.  I did not want to go on this search.  The conditions were bad and the timing was bad.  There was only a very short window to look as they had lost it waist deep at near dead low tide.  But something made me say yes.  I said my usual prayer asking God to help me find it and that His will be done on this search.  I even got a text from Lauren saying she was praying that I would find it and added the praying hands icon.  I appreciated that.

When I found the platinum ring and returned it to Scott he handed me $500.00 as a reward.  So yes Scott, yes I’ll call it the Faith return but not only because you had faith it would be okay but that you filled my spirit with faith again.  I feel blessed just having met both of you.    May God bless you in return!



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