Lost Wedding Band at St. Augustine Pier found and returned!

I got a phone call from Monica who found my name on TheRingFinders.com. She asked if I’d be able to try to locate her husband Mason’s wedding band that he had lost at the beach. The night before he was digging a hole in the wet sand and they thought that was most likely the spot the ring had come off. It was also possible that it was lost while he was swimming but much less likely as he was pretty sure he remembers he still had it after leaving the water.

I started my search early that day as the tide was high and planned to work the wet sand as the tide went out. It was important to me to get there early as the beach is hammered by other people metal detecting and I wanted to lay claim to the area. Though it was possible the ring was already recovered by another metal detectorist the night before I took my chances and started my search. As I got to the beach I noticed there were already other people detecting nearby. To cover the ground quicker I first used my White’s DFX with my Bigfoot coil. After over an hour of searching with that coil and pretty confident I’d covered the area he thought he had dug the hole I decided to switch to my Minelab Excalibur detector which goes a bit deeper. About hour later, after gridding the area in different directions I finally heard a very deep but very faint tone which turned out to be his ring.

As I left the beach I called the couple and told them that I had searched and searched but could not search anymore. Monica replied sadly “I understand.” But I then explained “The reason I can not search any longer is because I found it!” Needless to say they were both elated. They were visiting the lighthouse when I called them so I arranged to meet them there to deliver the ring. Ring return number 37! Monica told me they considered buying a new ring if this one was not found but her husband said “It would not have our first two years of scratches on it.” The sentiment behind a piece is why I do what I do. There is nothing like handing something back to someone that they thought would be gone forever. I am indeed blessed!


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  1. Ronda Dorsey says:

    I met Barbara today at Vilano Beach while on a sunrise walk, and she relayed her finder stories and this site to me. Walking away misty-eyed and goose bumped after hearing about her passion for reconnecting lost items with owners was inspiring. Thanks, Barbara, for your time today and I wish you all the best! I might have to lose some jewelry and call you to meet up again! Take care!

    1. Barbara says:

      Thank you for the kind words! It was great talking with you two!

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