Expensive wedding ring set found and returned in Palm Coast Florida

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This is a true story of how great this network of people is and the metal detecting community as a whole even if not members of this site. I got a phone call from Mary Beth who is a friend of Mary Helen. Mary Helen had lost her wedding ring set in front of one of the nicest resorts in Palm Coast. Mary Beth found fellow member Mike McInroe from Sanford Florida on The Ring Finder’s site. Mike was out of town and unable to go look for the rings but suggested to Mary Beth that she try calling me.

I was about 40 minutes away and it was now dark and raining but after hearing the set was lost in the dry sand and they knew a general area where to look and could meet someone there I decided to try to see if my friend Dick would go help her as he only lives about 5 minutes from the resort. Dick had his son from out of town visiting and was in the middle of doing something with the family when I called. After telling him the details he agreed to change his plans and go look which saved me a long drive. Thanks Dick! Dick is a great friend and has been detecting for decades and is great at what he does. I had confidence he could find them and trusted him enough to ask him to help. Dick is one of the most honest and caring people I know.

Dick met Mary Helen on the beach and started a grid pattern in the dark to locate the sentimental lost jewelry. It wasn’t long before Dick’s head lamp battery died and he had to finish the search in the dark. Each target he dug he had to feel in the scoop to “see” what it was. After about 20 minutes he located the first ring and probably expected the second ring to be right there with it but it took another five minutes to find the other as they were not right next to each other.

Mary Helen then got both rings back. She had stated the rings were insured but it was the sentiment behind them that could not be replaced. She was elated to get both back and today they are back on her finger.

I love this site and how easy it is for us to reach out to one another to help find sentimental lost items. This was another great ending! Special thanks to Mike McInroe for putting Mary Helen in touch with me and an extra special THANK YOU to Dick who changed his plans and ended up searching in the dark and in the rain.

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  1. Steven Ray says:

    It’s very true that the folks here work well together! Congrats on the recovery and to all that helped!

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