Michael Hill Diamond engagement ring lost at Wasaga Beach, Georgian Bay, Simcoe, ON

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Nicole was spending a day at Wasaga Beach 3 with girlfriends in celebration of a special Friends birthday.

They packed up and returned to the parked car and noticed her Michael Hill diamond engagement ring was missing. Panic set in and she could not find her engagement ring!

I was summoned up to Wasaga Beach 3 to help Nicole. Spent hours on the beach grid searching the area she thought they had the two birthday tents set up. Had no luck but cleaned up the beach of its trash! And there was a ton of trash!

On a 2nd outing a few days later and alongside another detectorist that offered help, John L helped by gridding the water area in front of my beach search area to cover more ground.

A gentleman (beach regular) had noticed us searching and advised he saw the birthday party. He also stated the party area was further over to the west.

After advising Nicole she reviewed her photos and agreed the area was a bit more west. At the end of the day we also searched the pathway out to the start of the road. Absolutely no luck!

Well, spoke again to Nicole and decided to meet back at the beach for a 3rd and final attempt!
I remembered her stating when they were close to the car, the gals heard something drop. They looked down and saw a hairband. Therefore, I decided to work from the parked car area back to the beach pathway!!

Five minutes into the search and I had a solid double tone in my Minelab Equinox 800…. ON THE FREAKING ROADWAY under 1/4” of sand!!!!!
My coil had swept some of the sand away and I caught a glimpse of the bottom of the ring!!!
ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!! We found her engagement ring on the Ontario Parks roadway into beach 3 parking lot!! I even started to cry!!!

Check out the video;

We were both numb with disbelief from finding her engagement ring on the roadway and I think Nicole was in a bit of shock too! NEVER GIVE UP even after one or two attempts and being stubborn not to give up!

Such an honour to help Nicole!!

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