Wesley Felts

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a Reward Basis...That means you pay me what you can afford and what its worth to you, to have me come out and find your lost item.

I have a call out fee of $3 0.00 to cover my gas expenses if the item isn’t found...Maybe less or more depending on where you are located.

Search Types

Land & shallow water searches...

Search Locations

Brecksville & sourrounding areas...

Wesley Felts's Bio

Been treasure hunting about 3 years I went into it full speed wish I would have started sooner as I love it.

Wesley Felts - Recent Blog Post

  • Beautiful wedding engagement ring found Parma Ohio (2019)

    I received a call in the middle of the week from a wonderful lady who was helping her neighbor who is suffering from cancer do some yardwork and build a cat shelter and she had lost her wedding ring somewhere between her yard and the woman’s yard that she is helping which was 2 yards […]

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  • Lost Ring Walton Hills Ohio…Found! (2019)

    Got a call from the lady that her husband was out raking leaves and 1/3 acre backyard and didn’t realize until three days later that his ring was missing I went out there on a Saturday morning it had snowed also when I turn my detector on it was going crazy and she asked me […]

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Wesley Felts - Testimonials

  • Very pleased with Wes' service... (2019)


    Cleveland fall weekend weather. Leaves to rake, bag and take to the street. Cold weather and wearing work gloves. Stopped to blow nose numerous times and take the gloves off. Didn't notice the ring missing until Monday morning. In a state of panic. Wife and I spent two hours at night searching with flashlights--no luck. Wife spent 4 hours on the internet looking for resources when she came across Wesley Felts who was located through TheRingFinders and close to our home. Talked with Wesley on the phone at great length about the type of equipment he uses searching for various metal objects. We agreed on a date to initiate the search but snow came and I was concerned that we would be out of luck until spring at least. Lo and behold the snow melted in time for Wes' search. Arrived promptly on time and within 15 minutes had the lawn grid laid out and began searching. We had about 1/3 of an acre to cover and a 5 foot pile of leaves. 2.5 hours later he comes into the hour to warm up and shows me a ring on his finger and asks if the missing ring looks like this one!!!! I was one very happy camper!! Very pleased with Wes' service. I hope to never have to use his services again but I am keeping his name in my phone in case anyone else needs his services. Thank you Wes!!!

    John & Kathy Harvan

    Walton Hills, Ohio

  • I prayed for help, God sent me an angel... Wesley (2019)


    I prayed for help, God sent me an angel... Wesley Wesley, I can never thank you enough for finding my wedding ring..... From the moment I called WesleyFelts@theringfinder.com, he told me to stay positive, have faith, he would find my wedding ring. Wes arrived at our home on a mission, with a great attitude, he was very kind and caring, he knew I was broken hearted. He reassured me and gave me hope, Wes knew I was doing a good deed when I had lost my ring, I had been helping out a neighbor in her yard who is battling cancer....I am still amazed how he patiently and carefully looked thru the snow, fallen leaves and straw. He was very professional, Wes had the right equipment for the job, he asked me all the right questions to get an idea of where to search, and as a result from his professionalism I am wearing my beloved wedding ring again! Wesley found my ring! Thank you WesleyFelts@ringfinder.com for doing this kind of tedious work, for helping others not only find their sentimental jewelry but also giving us hope. An act of kindness goes a long way, imagine our world if everyone did just one. God bless you Wesley! Sincerely, Maria