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Cost For My Service

I work on a ''Reward Basis''… That means you pay what it's worth to you and what you can afford, for me to come out and find your lost item.

If the search requires a diver, fees will apply. ( Contact me to discuss).

I do have a call-out fee of $25.00 to cover my fuel expense. Maybe more or less depending on where you are located.

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Land and Water.

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London and surrounding area.

Toby St Louis's Bio

For years now, metal detecting has become a great hobby of mine. With the latest detector technology, I have many finds under my belt. In addition, I have 25 years of traveling the globe as a commercial diver, so the underwater element is home for me.

Toby St Louis - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Gold Ring Found In Pond (2021)

    While using a rope swing in this beautiful Pond by Rodney, Ontario, this gentleman’s wedding ring slipped off when he let go and hit the water. After long breath holds in 10-15 feet of water with no luck, he found me on the ring finders site. I brought my scuba equipment out and suited up, […]

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  • Wedding Ring Found! (2021)

    A very ecstatic couple after a flowerbed search for this beautiful wedding ring. Black titanium in a black mulch bed makes an almost impossible find without a detector! So glad to be of assistance to these great folks!      

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  • Lost Watch Found (2021)

    I received a call to search for a gold cross a gentleman had lost 5 years ago. He had sold his house and wanted one more last attempt of locating it in his back yard. After digging every signal I came across, which meant countless digs, the cross was not found. Possibly the lawnmower tossed […]

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  • Lost Car Keys Found (2021)

    Car keys are likely one of the easiest finds when conducting a search in the snow. In this case, the poor guy had his driveway snow banks all dug out and some of his front lawn too! It took less then a minute to help this gentleman out with the proper gear.

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  • Lost prescription glasses found in pond 1 year later (2020)

    This oasis back yard holds many memorable family and friend get togethers! On one of those fine evenings, someone had lost there prescription glasses in the swimming pond. Many attempts were made in searching, but it became apparent with the steep banks, mud bottom, and depth, that these glasses would be lost forever. One year […]

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