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Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis, that means you pay what you can afford and what its worth to you to have your lost item found. There will be a $35.00 gas fee depending on where you live and how far it is for me to get to you (if the item is not found) Please have a general idea of the location of the lost item. I do not/cannot detect in buildings, Government or Historical sites and definitely NOT gravesites or cemeteries.

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Land, Beaches, Salt and Freshwater up to 10 feet maximum depth.

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50-mile radius from Virginia Beach.

Thomas Clyde's Bio

I have been relic/metal detecting for more than 15 years. I started off doing detecting underwater while scuba diving and added land and beach/shallow water detecting. I am a retired Paramedic/Firefighter (Retired since 2011) and enjoy the pleasure it brings to people when I'm able to locate their lost item. I won't videotape (for your privacy) and I don't post to any of the Social websites, Youtube, etc. But I may ask for a photo of you with the recovered item.

Thomas Clyde - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost automobile key… FOUND !!! (2021)

    This weekend was ending up the big festival at Virginia Beach, Virginia… the Neptune Festival. This event includes beach volleyball tournaments, surfing competitions, a HUGE tented area for the world renowned sand scultures plus about 25+ blocks of individual tents where various artists and craftsmen display and sell their products. And did I mention the […]

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  • Lost Gold Chain Virginia Beach, Virginia… Found. (2020)

    I was only detecting the oceanfront at Virginia Beach when Mrs. Hubahib approached me and asked if my detector could find a chain lost in the sand about three hours earlier in the morning. She took me to the area, roughly 5’x 10′ and not out in the water as the tide/waves were a bit […]

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  • Lost High School class ring Chesapeake, Virginia… Found! (2020)

    Just staying active with my MDing skills so with permission from my city’s school administration, I am allowed to detect the ball fields. During these times, I’m doing my part with social distancing as there is absolutely ZERO people in areas where I detect. On a quiet Sunday morning, I began detecting an older practice […]

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  • Post Hurricane Dorian find at Virginia Beach (2019)

    I provided a post of a ring find prior to Hurricane Dorian hitting our area. This find was several days later after the Hurricane continued past our area and the beaches were re-opened and safe. It still wasn’t safe to venture too far out into the waters but the local surfers were enjoying the wave […]

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  • Pre-Hurricane Dorian find on Virginia Beach (2019)

    Just before the hurricane came up the coast, I ventured out to cover some of the beach areas at our location. The winds were really whipping the sand around and there was NO WAY I was going to wade chest-deep (or shallower) into those waters. After the usual bottle tops, pull tabs, tent stakes, and […]

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Thomas Clyde - Témoignages

  • Your kindness, professionalism, and passion for what you do really shows... (2021)

    I just want to thank you again for your kindness that afternoon. I was in a panic and not sure how to make it back home especially traveling 6 hours with a toddler whose carseat was still locked in my car. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to help. Your kindness, professionalism, and passion for what you do really shows. Very thankful we crossed paths and appreciate everything you did!!!

  • Mr. Clyde i thank you again for this oppurtunity and reunitning me with my ring. (2020)


    Hey everybody. My Name is Benjamin and i am the owner of this ring. I had lost this rings 6 years ago. I thought it was stolen and did not even think that i would ever see this ring again. Little did i expect to get a call from my dad telling me someone found my ring. Mr. Clyde did a fantastic job cleaning up my ring and i am extremely grateful he returned it to my family. I’m not a member and clyde did do this out of the kindness of his heart. But if i ever lose this ring i know exactly who to call. Again, I cannot believe that i am seeing this ring again and so many memories of my highschool are rushing through my head. If you misplace anything, Please give Mr. Clyde a call. If this is how he operates for someone who didn’t hire him i cannot begin to fathom the expectations he will pass when you hire him.

    Mr. Clyde i thank you again for this oppurtunity and reunitning me with my ring.

  • My family will forever be grateful for their work especially my grandmother... (2019)

    "For years, I had heard various stories from different members of my family regarding rings that had been lost on my grandparents’ property. One story mentioned my grandfather’s lost wedding, another was about a missing class ring belonging to one of my uncles, and a further one revolved around my father’s also absent class ring. At one point in my youth, my parents purchased me my own metal detector after I decided I wanted to see if any of these stories were true. Alas, my childhood inability to focus on one thing for more than a short period of time got the better of me and I gave up on the search.

    Now over a decade later, my grandparents’ home of almost 60 years is being sold and my ninety-two year old grandmother is moving in with my parents. While packing up their house, I suddenly remembered some of those old stories and talked to my grandmother about them. With the sale of the house pressing down on us, I felt a sudden compulsion to try and determine if any of those lost rings were actually out there once and for all. I pulled out the old metal detector, did a little searching, but alas it was to no avail. Not willing to give up just yet, I did a little googling and happened to come across TheRingFinders.

    I found a few local nearby guys through the site’s directory and sent them both messages. I got a response from Steve Andrews within hours of messaging him and he agreed to come out the following day. Unexpectedly, the next morning Tom Clyde messaged me as well to tell me he was already on his way. I was worried about both men showing up at the same time when they were expecting to be detecting alone. Fortunately, I was happily surprised to find out that both men knew each other and were willing to search together. With low expectations in place given the information we were going off of, I was shocked when after only forty minutes Steve pulled my uncle’s class ring from the ground. Both men were extremely professional, easy to talk to and communicate with, and were more than reasonable in their pricing. If anyone in the Hampton Roads area needs a ring or anything else of its kind found then they should not hesitate to reach out to either Steve or Tom. I am firmly of the belief that if either of these two men can’t find what you’re missing than no one can. These guys know what they are doing with their years of experience and various successful hunts serving as evidence for their skills. My family will forever be grateful for their work especially my grandmother who was profoundly happy to have a piece of one her late children back again."