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Cost For My Service

I work on a Reward Basis...That means you pay me what my service is worth to you and what you can afford, for me to come out and find your ring.

No charge if we do not recover your item(s). If the recovery requires an underwater search then an additional charge of $75 (non-refundable) to gear up for a SCUBA dive.

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Beaches, Parks, Yards, and Water down to 100 ft. (30 meters)

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Windward Oahu & surrounding areas.

Steve Wheeler's Bio

Originally from NH, I moved to Hawaii in 1992 as an instructor for the US Air Force. I’m an experienced metal detectorist and have detected in many environments to include fresh water lakes and rivers, salt water, parks and private yards (permission a must!).

Should an underwater search be required for the recovery I am a PADI certified Master SCUBA diver certified by PADI. I’m semi-retired (substitute teacher) and have plenty of time to devote to the recovery of your lost item.

I’ve made several recoveries, sometimes referred to as rescues, of lost personal items and have been fortunate to return those items to their owners. With a little hard work and a pinch of luck we’ll be able to return your items to you!

Steve Wheeler - Recent Blog Post

  • Platinum Wedding Band FOUND!! (2021)

    That afternoon I received a call from Danielle stating that her husband had lost his wedding ring in the dry sand on Waikiki Beach and if I could please help.  She also remarked that her husband was digging up the area looking for the ring and should she should get him to stop.  I suggested […]

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  • iWatch Found! on Waikiki Beach (2021)

    I was enjoying some early morning at metal detecting Waikiki beach when a young lady was making her way across the sand clearly headed towards  me.  As she approached she asked me if I could help her.  She stated that the the night before she and friends were sitting on the beach enjoying their time […]

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  • Kaimana Beach: Ring Found! (2021)

    I received a text on Friday early in the afternoon saying I was referred  to Dylan in regards to finding a lost ring at Kaimana beach in Honolulu.  I had thought that this beach was closed due to a Hawaiian Monk Seal (endangered species) that had recently made the beach her home and had also […]

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  • Found: Waikiki Beach – Wedding Ring (2019)

    It started as a normal day.  I headed to the beach for some metal detecting and relaxation.  That day I chose Waikiki Beach and left before dawn.  I hadn’t been on the sand more than 10 minutes when Adam, a surfing instructor, came up to me and asked “do you know how to use a […]

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  • Lost Ring FOUND: Sandy Beach – Oahu – Hawaii (2019)

    Normally a client calls the ring finder and the ring finder goes out and looks for the item in question.  This recovery began with finding a ring first, then identifying the owner and doing the research so that we can return the item.  Early one morning I was relaxing at the beach enjoying the quiet […]

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