Simon Cox

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Cost For My Service

I only ask for travel and parking expenses for metal detecting service’s throughout Kent and Sussex.

any rewards forthcoming for successful recovery is entirely up to the loser's discretion.

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Beaches, parks, lakes & yards...

Beaches .. Rivers .. Lakes in fact all Fresh / Saltwater up to 6 / 10 ft deep .. Parks .. Homes .. I can search private land with home owners permission.

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Kent & Sussex and surrounding areas.,

Simon Cox's Bio

I am able to perform searches in shallow water... if you lost your item on private land it will be necessary for you to obtain prior permission for me to perform the search... I have an all terrain Metal Detector... long handled sand scoop for water pointer etc.

Simon Cox - Recent Blog Post

  • Both engagement and wedding rings lost in garden (2021)

    I received  a message from Gemma yesterday evening, saying both her engagement and wedding rings had been lost in their garden an hour or s o ago . Gemma had taken off both rings before cleaning a table ,  but while she was getting the hose set up , her young three year old son […]

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  • Rose Gold wedding ring lost on West Wittering beach (2021)

    I had a call yesterday from Mike who lost his Rose Gold wedding band during a family outing on West Wittering beach in West Sussex earlier in the week , we agreed to meet at the beach very early this morning , Mike showed me the area they were sitting , helpfully he had photos […]

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  • Late husbands lost wedding ring (2021)

    I received a call from Katy yesterday evening , she explained she had lost her late husbands wedding ring whilst gardening in her front garden , we agreed to meet up early this morning to search for her very precious ring , I put the 6” coil on my Equinox 800 for ease in getting […]

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  • Lost house and car keys (2021)

    I got a call from Reece who explained that his bunch of keys had been thrown into a field full of 5ft tall stinging nettles in Crawley. Arranged to meet up early this morning , where he explained how they had gotten thrown there , after half an hour fighting through the nettles my detector […]

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  • Heavy Silver ring recovered (2020)

    I received a call from Polly who’s daughter had lost her heavy silver ring in a field whilst playing at a friends house. The heavy silver ring was located in a clump of long grass by my Equinox 800, it was a good strong signal, and rung up around 35.

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