Rob Fuglestad

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Cost For My Service

Reward System... You offer what you believe is a fair price for finding your lost keepsake. Travel expenses of .50 cents per mile round trip is required to cover travel expenses.

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Land, shallow water, beaches.

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SE Minnesota/Western Wisconsin.

Rob Fuglestad's Bio

I have been metal detecting off and on since I was a teenager, with really embracing the hobby the past several years. Uncovering history which has been buried for decades is a real thrill! Finding a lost item and tracking down its owner is also very satisfying! Please get in touch with me if you have lost a precious item so we can discuss recovering it for you.

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  • Let me help you find your ring! (2018)

    Thank you for reading my blog.  My name is Rob and I am available to help you recover your lost valuables with the use of my metal detector. Please contact me to discuss details.

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