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Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis...That means you pay me what you can afford and what its worth to you to have your lost item found. $25 to cover transportation and expenses if the item isn't found.(Addition transportation costs and expenses may be necessary for long distances)

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Beaches, Parks, lakes and Yards, I can also search water.

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Saint Paul and surrounding areas. I am willing to travel long distance. I am available most any day.

Reese Burnett's Bio

"IT professional, I enjoy looking for all types of lost items on land and in the water."

Reese Burnett - Recent Blog Post

  • Yellow gold weeding band lost in Roseville, MN – Now found! (2022)

    Zach was walking his dog in his yard in the snow when, after shaking snow off his hands, he noticed that his wedding band was missing. He rented a metal detector to find it, but came up empty-handed. He contacted 4 days later and I met him at his house the following morning. We searched […]

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  • Gold wedding band lost in New Brighton, MN – Now found! (2021)

    Billy was doing some garden cleanup in his back yard. He put his wedding ring in his pocket but, after taking a break on his deck, he checked his pocket and the ring was gone. He looked all over the yard and even rented a metal detector but couldn’t find the ring. After about 2 […]

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  • Big hematite wedding band lost in Cottage Grove, MN – Now found! (2021)

    Shane was making snow angels in his back yard after a big snow when he lost his wedding band. He texted me soon after, but we decided that, since warmer weather was on the way, we’d wait until the snow melted before attempting a search. It was a cold and windy 21 degree evening when […]

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  • White gold wedding ring lost in Apple Valley, MN – Now found! (2021)

    Michael was snow blowing his driveway after a big snow. After discovering that his ring was missing, he was pretty sure that he’d lost while taking a break to get his car unstuck in the driveway. He looked for the ring for while and then decide to text me. I left the house about 20 […]

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  • Beautiful platinum diamond engagement ring lost in St Paul – Now found! (2021)

    Makayla was doing fall yard cleanup in her back yard when she noticed that her engagement ring was missing. She and her fiance searched everywhere but couldn’t find it. I got a text mid afternoon the next day and agreed to come out right away to search for the ring. The yard had a surprising […]

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Reese Burnett - Témoignages

  • it’s a reminder that there are great, kind people out there. (2015)


    “Reese, Ty and I want to thank you for returning Jeff’s class ring.

    Such a kind and wonderful thing you do. Jeff was very athletic through high school and college. He was your typical gym rat.

    Jeff earned his college degrees in Special Education. He was a teacher & administrator for 37 years. We have 2 sons – Ty and Brady.

    I am so grateful to have them in my life. Thank you so much for your time and research into the rings origin, it’s a reminder that there are great, kind people out there. – Janet L”