Ralph Drahos

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Cost For My Service

A $30 dollar call out fee will be used for gas and car expenses, if lost item is not recovered.

I work on a ''Reward Basis'' that means you pay what you can afford and what it is worth to you for me to find your lost items.

Fees for insurance claims, property pin location, etc will be determined case by case. We can discuss this when you contact me.

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Beaches, parks, lakes, rivers, yards. Will work with insurance companies on claims, Real Estate for locating property pins, also do house and property search. Willing to back pack into remote campsites for recovery of lost items.

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Lakebay & Shelton and the surrounding area.

Ralph Drahos's Bio

I have been metal detecting for 12 years now, and have found jewelry, coins, relics, etc. I have top quality equipment and know-how to use it. I am looking forward to helping you recover what you have lost. Call me and I will find what you thought was gone forever.

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    While visiting at my family’s home of 50 years for my mom’s 89th birthday party, my niece, Emma (age 9) and I decided to metal detect the front yard to see what we could recover from our family’s past. 30 minutes of detecting and a few dug up pop tops, and bottle caps, we recovered […]

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