Neil Evans

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Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis so pay me what you can afford and/or what its worth to you. Under 50 km from Yorkton no call out fee. Over 50 km from Yorkton 25 cent/km mileage for fuel plus reward when lost valuable is found..

Rechercher un type

Sports fields, yards, parks, beaches and water (up to 5 ft)

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Within 200 km of Sicamous on approved land (I will not trespass on someone's property}

Neil Evans's Bio

I just moved to Sicamous and love this area...I have been metal detecting for 10 years and it is a fascinating hobby. Now people have said to me " I could have used you in the past Neil " . So I have joined Ringfinders so I can try helping people find their lost valuables.

I am passionate about this hobby and helping people would be icing on the cake if I can help reunite people with what ever they have lost and they treasure.