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A call-out fee to cover some of the rolling expenses such as fuel and wear and tear is charged regardless of whether the item is found or not, this cost is set to $30 for local searches (local refers to a 30km travel radius of Walkerton, ON). This call-out fee is increased by $5 per 5km distance outside of the 30km radius.

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Water searches up to roughly 5 feet deep as well as land, snow, and sand.

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"Sauble Beach, Walkerton, Saugeen Shores, Kincardine, Southampton and surrounding areas."

Mitchell And Don Clark's Bio

Don Clark of Cherished Finds Metal Detecting Service operates a father and son team run out of Walkerton, Ontario. Cherished Finds is committed to their customers and will meet clients whenever is most convenient for them. As a team, Don and Mitchell attend most calls together, each with their own metal detectors, ensuring your item is found as quickly as possible. The two excel in water searches, and currently hold a very high recovery rate in water and on land over the last 15 years. Cherished finds has proudly been a Ring Finder memory for over 5 years and has located almost 50 peoples lost items during this time.

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  • Finding a lost ring in Sauble Beach, Lake Huron Ontario. (2021)

      How to find a lost ring in Sauble Beach, Ontario? Time tends to be the most important aspect many times. With the number of individuals with metal detectors increase, the risk of another individual finding your lost item and not knowing the true owner is high. In this find, the individual did everything correct to […]

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  • Lost Ring near Grand Bend Ontario (2016)

    Received a call yesterday from a gentleman who had lost his ring near grand bend. The story sounded promising so we decided it would be worth the 2 hour drive. After a couple hours on the road we m et with him and he showed us the approximate location, we had to swim out with all […]

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  • Lost Engagement ring Port elgin Ontario (2016)

    Woke up this morning to a call from a lady who is getting married next weekend. While swimming in port elgin beach the night before she came to shore and noticed her engagement ring was no longer on her finger and had to be sitting in the bottom of the beach somewhere. They searched for […]

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  • Two Rings One Search – Lost Ring in Sauble Beach Ontario Canada (2016)

    About a week ago we received a call from a pretty upset couple who had lost their wedding ring in Sauble Beach. We drove up that day to search and within a few minutes had a strong beep, we instantly dug the signal knowing it would be good and sure enough we pulled up a […]

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  • Lost ring in the water Tobermory Ontario! (2015)

    Another ring reunited with its owner! Got up this morning and waited out the weather, 60km wind gust and rain would make for a difficult search. Drove about 2 hours to just before Tobermory Ontario. The person who lost this ring lived in the USA so we had only a map and what he told […]

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