Michael Earp

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Cost For My Service

Like others capable of conducting professional searches, I charge $25.00 for basic fuel expenses and if able to locate your lost ring or other lost precious metal item, will accept what you consider to be an appropriate reward.

Please note: We operate under a code of ethics when metal detecting. If we will be searching on property not belonging to you, permission by the owner of that property will be required.

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I search just about all locations except in water.

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25 mile radius from Arlington WA If required to travel further to your location the basic service charge can be negotiated.

Michael Earp's Bio

My interest in metal detecting dates back to when I was a teenager and a particular issue of Popular Mechanics which detailed how to build a metal detector. Later in my career choice, I would own an electronic distributorship and did so for some 35 years. In 1993 I moved the store from its downtown Seattle location to a north of Seattle location. There I would add White's Electronics (metal detectors) to the many product lines stocked. With friends in the gold mining business, White's Gold Master became my go to detector.

Over the years detector technology has of course increased. I have now added a detector to my arsenal which incorporates state of the art detector advancements.

I know first hand the panic experienced upon having lost a ring that will often have great emotional ties to it. So was it for myself when loosing my diamond ring after a game of baseball with friends. That was a long time ago but were it not for my Gold Master... Any more I only wear that ring on special occasions.