Michael Bussard

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I have a local call out fee of 25 dollars required upon arriving at your location which is payable If item is recovered or not. I work on a reward basis... you pay what you can afford and what the item is worth to you to have me come out and search and find your lost item.

Search Types

Wet / dry sand, surf/shallow water up to chest-deep water. Parks, yards, wooded areas. I do not dive but can use snorkeling gear up to 10 ft deep.

Search Locations

The whole of the Long Beach Peninsula, Astoria, Warrenton, Seaside to Cannon Beach. If out of my normal range an agreed upon fee to cover gas/parking as needed.

Michael Bussard's Bio

6 year veteran of US Navy. 20 year resident of Pacific and Clatsop counties. I work a very flexible schedule at our local hospital as a Telemetry Technician. Over 30 years experience metal detecting. I have found thousands of coins and hundreds of rings. I have enjoyed the hobby of metal detecting my whole life. I will do my best to recover your treasured item. I use Minelab detecting equipment.

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Michael Bussard - Testimonials

  • Mike was a hero! (2022)


    Mike was a hero! I lost my wedding ring swimming in Hagg Lake, in a spot where the bottom was very silty. I called him the next morning & he agreed to come out, even though it was over a 100 mile drive. He & his friend Mike set up and started looking. Two hours later he’d found a collection of beer caps, coins, and fishing sinkers. It was getting late & I suggested we call it a day. But Mike said he felt like he was getting close, and wanted to keep looking until sunset, an hour later. With about ten minutes to go, he picked up something he’d found out of his sifter. “What’s that?” I asked. “I think it’s your ring,” he said.

    Later he told me if I’d left at sunset, he would have kept going with a headlamp. But we’re both glad it didn’t come to that!