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Cost For My Service

Call to discuss as every search is different, travel time will apply depending on your location.

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Anywhere on land : yards, parks, beaches, campsites or any public area.

Water: I can personally search in up to four feet of water. However, I now have four separate Scuba Divers on standby for deep water searchers in southern Ontario.

Also, I will conduct Estate Home and Property searches, and Insurance Property Claims.

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Toronto / GTA and Durham region. Although I live in Toronto, I am willing to travel to Buffalo for all land and water searches.

Mark Ellis's Bio

I have been metal detecting for several years almost on a daily basis. (Yes, even in our coldest winters...)

I've had the pleasure of finding and returning many pieces of jewelry to overjoyed clients over the years.

"I Love what I do"

Mark Ellis - Recent Blog Post

  • Wedding band found in Toronto.! (2021)

    Brian called me this morning about his wedding band he lost over a year ago. He told me that he was cooking on the bbq and took his ring off as his fingers were starting to swell up from the hot weather. He placed the ring down on the bbq side table and continued cooking. […]

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  • Wedding band found in Port Credit, On.!! (2021)

    Nick called me a few days back about his wedding band that was lost over a month ago. Nick told me that he had shovelled the snow from his driveway and then walked up the steps of his front porch. He then pulled his gloves off to open the front door. When he pulled off […]

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  • Gold wedding band found.!! Ajax, Ontario. (2021)

    Ratnam called me on Sunday, February 28th to ask me if I rented metal detectors. I told him that I did not, and only offer my detecting service. He was determined to rent a metal detector to find his wedding band that he had lost a few days earlier around the front of his house […]

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  • Gold pendant found.!!! Toronto (2021)

    I had a call on Thursday the 18th about a lost necklace pendant that a young couple had lost. They had been taking a video in snow covered parking lot in downtown Toronto when the boyfriend lost the pendant, an Egyptian Ankh pendant that was custom made. When they watched the video they took, you […]

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  • Rose gold wedding band found.!! Toronto (2021)

    Greg called me yesterday about his lost rose gold wedding band. He told me that on Thursday, Feb 18, he went out to the street to brush some snow off his car as he and his wife were going out for a few hours. Greg used his gloved hands to brush off most of the […]

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Mark Ellis - Témoignages

  • Highly recommended to anyone that needs a quick find if you've lost something important to you. (2021)



    Thanks again for coming to my house and finding my ring. The service you provide is top notch. The entire experience from reaching out on the phone to meeting you in person and watching how you find lost objects was amazing. In my case, I lost my wedding ring in the front area of my property while shovelling snow. There was no way I would have ever found it without hiring you and especially because you found it in the hedges. Highly recommended to anyone that needs a quick find if you've lost something important to you.


    Nick Dauphinee

  • Words cannot describe the feeling when I put the ring back on Eric’s finger. We felt total elation, gratitude, and relief. (2012)


    Mark Ellis is a professional miracle worker! In July 2012, after living apart for three and a half years, Eric and I finally started the next chapter of our lives in one city and under one roof. Our wedding bands serve as a nice reminder that no matter what distance separates us, we are always together. So, as you can imagine, losing Eric’s wedding band in Lake Erie was not fun. Eric and I had almost reconciled ourselves to the fact that his wedding band was gone forever when Mark arrived and gave us hope.

    On August 26th, Eric and I joined his cousins for a day of fun at Woodlawn Beach on the shore of Lake Erie. I sat on the beach chatting while Eric and his cousins tossed a ball around in the water. Eric reached out to make a catch and his wedding band went flying. He saw it hit the water about two feet from where he was standing. He called his cousin Jim over to help look for the ring and sent Jim’s son to get me and help with the search. We looked for a while before deciding goggles might help. I made a quick trip to the store and bought goggles for all of us. After searching for three and half hours, we decided it was time to call it quits. Leaving the beach, knowing that Eric’s ring was resting in Lake Erie, felt terrible.

    The next day was stormy and, despite my efforts, was not a good day to search for the ring. I turned to the Internetinstead. While searching online for locals with metal detectors, I came across site. Unfortunately, there were no ring finders in the Buffalo area. But I did find Mark Ellis in Toronto. I figured it was a long shot, but emailed him anyway. Mark contacted me right away and said he would be willing to come to Buffalo later that week. I returned to the beach on Tuesday with Eric’s cousins and a local man with a metal detector. The metal detector was nice to have, but unfortunately could not be submerged so it couldn't go to into the deeper water where the ring was lost. We searched for hours with no luck. I returned to the beach again on Wednesday, armed with my trusty goggles, but again, no luck.

    After searching for four days in row, Eric and I really started to lose hope. But we returned to the beach once again on Thursday, August 30th to meet Mark Ellis. We weren’t sure what to expect from a guy willing to drive all the way from Toronto to help two strangers search for a proverbial needle in a very large haystack. Well, Mark is a true professional and became an instant friend. After talking to him, we understood why he was willing to make the trip, he knew he could find Eric’s ring. He never had any doubt. Unfortunately, the winds really started to pick up and the water was rough. Mark had trouble keeping his footing and following his grid and finally had to throw in the towel. He was not giving up for good, but he knew we weren’t going to find the ring that day. We made plans for him to return the following week. I left the beachdisappointed, but my mindset changed. If anyone could find this ring, Mark would.

    I met Mark again on Friday, Sept 7th. He found a men’s wedding band, some coins, and lots of cans, but not Eric’s ring. After a spending some time with Family in Rochester, Mark joined us again bright and early on Sunday, Sept 9th. Eric liked to say his ring wasn’t lost; he just misplaced it in Lake Erie. Well, his ring was misplaced in Lake Erie for two whole weeks at this point.Mark put on his gear, and hit the water as determined as ever. Eric and I were playing around on the beach when we heard Mark yelling from the water. We looked over and knew he had the ring!

    Words cannot describe the feeling when I put the ring back on Eric’s finger. We felt total elation, gratitude, and relief. It is remarkable that Eric’s ring was recovered from Lake Erie and it is remarkable that a total stranger was willing to devote his time and effort to return something so precious to us. Thank you Mark!


    Ginger and Eric

  • Thank you just doesn't seem enough.... (2012)


    Thank you just doesn't seem enough....

    What seemed like a great day for our week long cottage vacation, ended in sadness and disappointment. On July 25th 2012, my husband Neil and I decided to spend a day at Sandbanks Provincial Park with our family and friends. We were having a wonderful time enjoying the summer weather when my husband decided to cool off in the lake and throw the football around with his buddy.

    Then I heard it. It was my name, but there was panic and distress in the way it was said. I heard it again and when I turned around, all I saw was Neil almost waist deep in the water with his hands up in the air. He was pointing to his left hand where his wedding ring was, or in this case, wasn't. My heart sank. The current in Lake Ontario was very strong at this time and all I could do was take a deep breath. I knew it was gone. I walked towards him and as he was searching the lake bottom, he frantically said, "I lost it, babe. I lost my wedding ring." I started combing the lake floor with my feet, shuffling from side to side. After half an hour, I looked to my husband and said that we can't continue looking for it. We need to accept that it is gone and move on. Neil continued to look with our good friends Jimmy and Lorie until we left the park almost 2 hours later.

    When we arrived back in Toronto on Friday July 27th, I immediately went online and googled "Toronto metal detector" and it lead me to TheRingFinders website. I was amazed to find a service like this available to the public. I contacted Mark that afternoon and left a message with him briefly detailing my situation. He called me back within the same hour and I explained the whole story. Although Mark was not available to go directly to Sandbanks Provincial Park that weekend he did give me a sense of hope and provided me with very helpful suggestions for the weekend, such as posting lost + found ads in Kijiji and Craigslist. He said that Sandbanks is visited by many metal detector finders and if I posted an ad, one who possibly found my husband's ring since Wednesday would see my ad and contact me. He also asked me if any pictures were taken that day to help him pinpoint where we were at the beach. I immediately asked my friend Lorie who took a picture of Neil on her phone before he lost his ring to email it to Mark. He was able to take that picture and extract the coordinates from the file to find our exact location. It was amazing! We agreed that if I didn't receive any replies by Sunday afternoon, he would drive up to Sandbanks on Monday morning. Unfortunately, I didn't receive any replies to my ads and today (Monday), Mark was on the case.

    I heard my message notifier at 11:44 a.m. today. It was a picture of my husband's wedding ring on a bright green leaf. Mark found it. He actually found Neil's ring!! We drove up to meet Mark and pick up the ring today. Tomorrow is Neil's birthday and Mark, who is a man we never met or knew until now gave us the best birthday gift Neil has ever received.

    Thank you Mark for everything you have done. For your help, your support, your time and effort. Our 2nd wedding anniversary is in August and this will be a great story to remember that day.

    Neil + Rea

  • Mark was so reassuring and kind. He recovered my ring and I couldn't be happier! (2012)


    Hi Mark,

    Excuse the delay here is my testimonial.

    I lost my wedding band of barely two months during a workout in a park. We knew the general area it was in but my husband, our trainer and I were having no luck finding it. We heard from a guy walking his dog that there was a guy who finds people's lost rings. My husband found Mark through his blog and got in touch with him right away. He dropped what he was doing and battled rush hour traffic to meet us in the park. Mark asked us in more detail what happened and started his search. Even after searching for longer than any of us expected it would take, in the brutal heat of the now afternoon, Mark was so reassuring and kind. He recovered my ring and I couldn't be happier! Being a jeweler I hear stories about lost engagement rings and special jewelry items all the time. So I am so glad to have found Mark and I will be sending all my customers his way.

    Many thanks


  • We are truly thankful from the bottom of our hearts. (2012)


    Mark, Thank you so very much.!

    My husband and I had nearly given up hope in finding his wedding band (lost at a local soccer field) after hours of searching and two failed attempts at finding a suitable metal detector. After getting off the phone with our jeweller to arrange to have his custom ring re-made, I decided to take one last look online for information on metal detectors and stumbled by chance on Mark's website. Within 5 minutes of emailing him, I had a response and my husband, Alan, called him to make arrangements to meet the following day. When Alan met Mark, the first thing he said was: "I have a good feeling about this." That little bit of hope was greatly appreciated at a time when we were ready to give up. Mark spent time asking Alan a variety of questions about the events that occurred the day the ring was lost, reminding him of how important even an inch can make. Within 5 minutes, the ring was found!

    Mark, we cannot thank you enough for your help. As you can appreciate, the cost of losing a piece of jewellery is only part of the equation - it's the sentimental value that is so upsetting when a piece of jewellery is lost. We truly appreciate your speedy response, your enthusiam, and for reuniting us with something so special.

    We are truly thankful from the bottom of our hearts.

    Kim & Alan H.

  • You saved the day; (2012)


    Hi Mark,

    We just wanted to Thank you again for finding Mark’s ring. We are so greatful to you! You arrived here soon after we called and quickly recovered the ring, we thought it was a hopeless situation. You saved the day; our Anniversary dinner wouldn’t have been the same with that ring missing. Thank you


    Jen and Mark

  • Mark, can’t thank you enough for finding my ring! (2012)


    Mark, can’t thank you enough for finding my ring! This was passed down to me just recently by my late aunt in England. My family went from being very sad to extremely glad! We can sleep again!! Your skills and experience are unbelievable. I will be honest and say that I was reluctant however, you proved me wrong and words can’t say how grateful we are, thank you Mark you are a godsend!!

  • I'm still amazed that you found it! (2011)


    Hi Mark,

    I just wanted to thank you again for finding my ring. I have to say that I was skeptical that it would be found on such a large baseball field, the saying "like trying to find a needle in a haystack" seemed to apply to me. I'm still amazed that you found it! I wouldn't hesitate to refer you to anyone that has lost something. A huge thanks again!!