Laurence Fielding

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Cost For My Service

I charge only what you can afford or feel what it's worth for me to look for your item on a reward basis. I do charge a $25 travel fee( if within 30 miles) and adjust that as mileage increases.

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Yards, Parks,Beaches, In the Winter Spring Summer and Fall

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All of Rhode Island , Southern Mass and Western Conn.

Laurence Fielding's Bio

I have been metal detecting for only three and one half years. In that short time I have found dozens of rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, key's cell phones, lighters etc... I have returned many. There is no better feeling than handing back an item that has deep sentimental meaning to someone and seeing the joy in there eye's and the smile on there face.This is one great hobby.

Laurence Fielding - Recent Blog Post

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  • Lost Ring Warwick, Providence, Rhode Island (2011)

        Hi my name is Laurence Fielding. I am a Professional metal detectorist and Know what it is like to lose something of great sentemental  value. I am here to help you. That’s why I joined THE RING FINDERS . The sooner you contact me the better the chance we have of finding your lost item.

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