Krista Tobias

  • Recherche de terres / eaux peu profondes

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis. You can reward me with what you feel comfortable with and what you can afford when I find the item. I do charge a $20.00 call out fee for gas and mileage.

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I search parks, residences, farms and beaches. I can hunt in the water up to chest deep, I have a waterproof machine as well as other machines.

Rechercher un Emplacement

I am willing to travel some distance to search for an item. Don't assume that I am too far away, contact me.

Krista Tobias's Bio

Metal detecting is fascinating for me. I have been detecting since I can remember, Detecting with my grandfather and uncles was always a great adventure when I was a kid. I've been swinging my own machines since 2012. I have several name brands of Detectors, Garrett, Whites and Fisher.

Although I have other hobbies metal detecting is by far my favorite. I wish it was a full time job.

I enjoy digging up history and researching and learning about the different pieces I find. Thinking about who was the last person who held that piece in their hand.

Check out my YouTube channel: PA Mountain Girl