Justin Wedel

  • Recherche de terres / eaux peu profondes

Cost For My Service

$25 call out fee. To pay for Gas equipment etc. Then reward basis from there (pay me what it worth to you) Special situations may require further discussion.

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Public areas, yards, shallow water, lost jewelry, watches, cell phones, keys, coins, heirlooms etc. if you have lost or are looking for something with metal Call me or message me we will see if we can find it. If you have lost a item the sooner you call the better the chances of finding it. If you need to get permission to search the area to be searched please obtain that.

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Mcpherson and surrounding areas.

Justin Wedel's Bio

I have been a metal detectorist for 5 years I have recovered many items including jewelry, coins, historic items etc. I would love to help you find your lost items!