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Cost For My Service

I work on a Reward basis, you pay what it is worth to you and what you can afford to have me find your lost ring or valued item.

I have a call out fee of $35.00 if item is not found; this covers fuel expenses and travel.

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Beaches, Parks, Lakes, Yards....Shallow water recovery up to 5 feet deep.

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Southwest Florida Gulf Coast (Boca Grande Beach, Del Nor Wiggins beach, Englewood Beach, Fort Myers Beach, Lido Beach, Naples Beach, Sarasota Beach, Venice Beach).

John Snyder's Bio

I am a Retired USN Veteran who is an Avid Metal Detectorist with several years of experience; I would be honoured to find your lost Ring and get it back to you.

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  • He assured me if we could wait, he could find it... (2021)


    On my birthday, my wife and I made a plan for a small vacation to Sarasota, Florida.

    We had a great time, but when coming back from beach, my wife realized she doesn’t have her ring.

    She had set it on her chair and forgot to put it back on.

    We looked, digging in sand for almost three hours.

    My wife was very upset; we gave up looking.

    I saw a Life Guard and asked if he could help.

    He gave me Mr. John’s phone number; I called him; he told me he was an hour away.

    He assured me if we could wait, he could find it, knowing we had dropped it in sand where we were sitting.

    He arrived within an hour; found the ring in five minutes.

    We greatly appreciate Mr. John; he made my wife very happy.

  • I have utmost gratitude to John Snyder, the man who found & returned my ring. (2021)

    My name is Thomas Roberts; I was swimming at Vanderbilt beach in Naples, Florida on vacation.

    I was in chest deep water when I felt my wedding ring slide off my finger.

    There was a man who was metal detecting not far from me; I called him over; told him what had happened. He began to search for my ring immediately.

    Thankfully, he was able to find my gold band within a 30 minute time frame.

    I have utmost gratitude to John Snyder, the man who found & returned my ring.

    Ever Grateful,

    Thomas Robert’s

  • We can’t thank John enough and will be forever grateful to him! (2021)


    Thank you so much John for finding my engagement ring! You are a blessing to John and I.

    While I was vacationing in Floridia (July of 2021) I lost my engagement ring of 20 years at Boca Grande Beach (state park). I was completely devastated. I thought it was gone. After a few days, I decided to research how to rent a metal detector and came upon…a website of professional metal Detectorist. I said, why not, give it shot….so thankful and blessed that I did. John Synder found my ring in the water, three days after I lost it! And, what makes a good story a great story, he found it on my 20 year anniversary of my proposal. John was very helpful and responsive to me and I could tell he loves what he is doing! He was invested as much as us to finding my ring! We can’t thank John enough and will be forever grateful to him! I admit, I was skeptical, but not any more! This was an answer to a lot of prayers and John is really knowledgeable about metal detecting.

  • Again John Snyder thank you so very much! (2021)


    My name is Charlene Bass and on May 4, 2021 I lost my wedding ring in my back yard! I decided to turn my giant compost container (mostly dry leaves) in my back yard, while both of my kids took a nap. I only took the ring off so I wouldn't scratch my son when I had to lotion his legs. I stuffed it in my bra and forgot all about it trying to hurry and do something while they napped. After taking a shower I realized I could not find it. I searced the house with no avail. I knew it had to be in be in the compost I had just flipped. Frantically I spent half a day looking through a giant pile of leaves and food remnants until the mosquitoes get too thick and my kids are telling me it's time to go inside. I also lost another silver ring trying to recreate where I could have lost the first one. My kids (2 and 4) are kicking the leaves around and running through them. We have two drainage ditches that boarder the property. I was terrified of the coming rainy season and that I would never find it. If it was not in the compost it was unfortunately in the ditch. My husband is currently on a state side deployment, so I have no one to help me look for it. He didn't seem too upset that I lost it given he lost his for a few months before we found it in the car a few years ago.

    I find ringfinders that night on a whim. I didn't even know this group existed and am so unbelievably grateful that you all do. Now I tell everyone about this amazing group of people, especially John Snyder. I decided to contact someone if I couldn't find my ring the next day. I spend another hour or so the next day juggling kids and searching. After feeling hopeless I contact John Snyder and he responded immediately and was so eager to help. He headed right home to get his equipment. He got to my house and in no time starting searching for the lost ring. He showed up with with a big smile on his face and was so excited to find the ring. His enthusiasm and positivity made me feel so hopeful that I would soon have my ring back on my finger by the end of the day. He accidentally brought the same side gloves and still decided to look even though it would mean possibly digging through food remnants in the compost. He showed a deep concern when finding a lost tent stake and asked if the kids go barefoot in the yard. Finally after looking in my other compost bin he finds it! I cannot express the joy I feel that he found the ring. I immediately start crying. He never asked for anything except for me to share my story. Being an amazing person he is he even offered to find the other silver ring which I had also lost, but him finding my wedding ring was all that I needed. He said later after finding out that both my husband and I are also military, "That makes the ring recovery even more special, recovering a ring for a Veteran Sister and Brother." Again John Snyder thank you so very much!