Jeronimo Barrera

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Reward based - pay what it's worth to you.

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Capable of searching all terrains including water.

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New York City (manhattan/brooklyn/queens/staten island/bronx)

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I've been hunting for over 10 years and own all the top of the line metal detectors that allow for hunting varied terrain types including underwater.

Jeronimo Barrera - Recent Blog Post

  • Engagement and Wedding Band Recovered (2021)

    Some times The Ring Finders find you! I was at my favorite metal detecting equipment store and this lovely young couple were dropping off a metal detector that they rented. I couldn’t help myself but ask if they had found what they were looking for. They sighed in a very defeated tone that they searched all […]

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  • Lost Gold Wedding Band Found in Car (2021)

    Happy to have helped another ring get reunited with its owner. I use an endoscopic camera to get into tight places otherwise hard to search with the naked eye. But in this case the best call was just to call The Ring Finders and having a fresh set of eyes. I found this ring sitting […]

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  • Gold Cartier Love Ring Rescued in NYC (2021)

    Nothing ruins a date like a losing a a valuable and sentimental ring and spending the rest of the day searching for it in thick grass. Luckily, this smart couple found The Ring Finders and got us to the spot and we found the ring within 10 minutes using a metal detector. The best part […]

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  • Gold Ring Recovered from Brooklyn Bush! (2021)

    Sentimental heirloom thought to have vanished into thin air found using my metal detector. Usually finding a lost item means scanning the ground. In this unique rescue the ring somehow flew off a work bench and into the bushes. The owner searched every square inch and should have been easy to spot if it had […]

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  • White Gold and Diamonds 💍 recovered (2021)

    This gorgeous white gold and Diamonds engagement ring slipped off and almost never made it back to the owner’s finger if they hadn’t found The Ring Finders. After 3 days of searching on their own they turned to the internet and found us. We arranged a time to meet and had the ring back on […]

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Jeronimo Barrera - Témoignages

  • Jeronimo is a professional and very good at what he does (2018)


    Losing my wedding band in the snow while helping my daughter build a snowman felt like the universe was playing a cruel joke on me. After searching with neighbors and friends the bitter winds were too much for us and we went indoors. I searched some more the next morning but had to surrender after twenty minutes to the harsh cold air. I went to work feeling we had kicked around the snow too much and the ring was lost forever.

    A random internet search to commiserate with others who had lost their rings led me to The Ring Finders where I connected with Jeronimo Barrera. He showed up right away with a metal detector and I took him to the building's terrace where I lost my ring. The challenge, Jeronimo explained to me, would be metal interference from the building's infrastructure. He threw his own ring into the snow to run some tests...two minutes later he pointed to the ground and confidently said, "Your ring is right there."

    Jeronimo is a professional and very good at what he does. His ability to overcome the building's interference and find my ring so quickly left me in shock for several hours after he left. In addition to being very skillful at metal detecting, Jeronimo is a very nice guy and in the short time I met with him he seemed to genuinely enjoy helping people. While I'm happy to have my ring back, it was also nice to know that good people like Jeronimo are out there.


    Jose E. Guardado

  • I will forever be grateful to Jeronimo and his treasure finding equipment! (2017)


    I will forever be grateful to Jeronimo and his treasure finding equipment!

    The ring Jeronimo found belonged to my late grandmother and it was gifted to me the very same day I lost it, on my birthday.

    A blizzard hit this day and just hours after my mother gave me the ring, I lost it while shoveling. I tried searching on my own by dumping buckets of snow in my bathtub and sifting through it but, I had no luck.

    I resorted to the internet for answers, and searched phrases like "how to find my lost ring in the snow". came up immediately. I was in shock that such an entity even problem was soon to be solved!

    I contacted Jeronimo and he replied right away. We promptly scheduled his visit, and he arrived exactly at the time he said he would just a few days later after I lost the ring. He was kind, gracious, and got straight to searching my front lawn.

    It was a longer than usual search because of all the interference from surrounding metals, but his patience and superb detectors eventually unearthed my priceless jewelry!

    I had such a positive experience with Jeronimo. If he is your closest Ring Finder, do not hesitate to have him help you. He genuinely loves this work, which makes his efforts all the more valuable. His charisma, friendliness, and generosity made the nerve wracking experience smooth, easy, and even exciting.

    When he found the ring I jolted with happiness, I couldn't believe he actually found it. Simply put, I wouldn't have been able to do it without Jeronimo.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You recovered a priceless gift, and inspired me to take joy out of everything I do.

    Happy endings like this are very rare, and I will remember this experience forever.