Ian Scott

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

Base rate covers fuel costs and successful recovery is based on reward of what ever you think my service is worth, or can afford. If I don’t find it you only pay for travel expenses.

I encourage you to contact Police on 09 2611300 to log a report if I can’t find it.

Search Types

Jewellery, tools, keys, survey markers...anything metal.

Search Locations

I can work on land and up to my waist in water, I also have contacts who are trained with SCUBA.

Sea, rivers, lakes, gardens, construction sites...

Historic reserves are protected in New Zealand by the historic places trust, it will be up to you to ask for permission for me to work on these sites, private property will need permission from the land owner.

I don’t look for buried cables, water mains or other utilities

I will travel as far a Pukekohe,West Auckland, Takapuna, otherwise I will contact another detectorist.

Ian Scott's Bio

I live in east Auckland where I live with my wife. I am the administrator for the Facebook page New Zealand Ring Finder and have been a keen hobby detectorist for 10 years. I have successfully returned almost a $100,000 in lost items to very grateful people so I hope I can help you to.

Ian Scott - Recent Blog Post

  • Platinum find in garden (2022)

    Chris and had been married for all of 6 months and managed to lose his ring mowing the lawns. Its not uncommon in winter with cold and windy conditions. On the day he lost it he had been mowing and then putting the clippings around the garden. It was a special ring for them both […]

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  • Garmin Smart watch returned to owner (2021)

    A couple of days ago I was out on the beach using my metal detector when I pulled a Garmin smart watch out of the sand, it is not a common find and it was still working which was great because most items if not waterproof are ruined. I took it home and thought about […]

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  • Tiny diamond earring found in backyard (2021)

    Last night I was contacted by Heinrich who explained that while his wife was playing with one of their children, her 18crt gold diamond earring fell into the grass on their back lawn. My first thoughts were, it’s so small I’ll never find it. This morning I arrived at their house and Heinrich met me […]

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  • Lost keys found in long grass (2021)

    Merrill lost her keys in the grass and after a frantic look decided to get a metal detector to find them. After investigating ways to hire them a friend suggested she get in touch with New Zealand Ring Finder. I was contacted and straight away I knew that they had to be found after all […]

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  • Lost ring in garden found (2021)

    I got a call in the evening from a young man whose wife (Gurdeep) had lost her 14 crt gold diamond ring in their garden. You never know what the search area will be like, I hoped it would be a small area and not lost in some spiney bush. When I arrived l noted […]

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