Glenn Watkins

  • Recherche de terres / eaux peu profondes

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ost of travel (gasoline), reward or tip

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Rings, jewelry, coins, personal items made of metal, relics

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Yards, gardens, woods, beaches, all other sites with land owner permission

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I have been using metal detectors for over 35 years. I have traveled from Virginia to South Carolina to Georgia hunting mainly for Civil War relics, old coins and jewelry. I use a Tesoro, Tejon metal detector

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  • Lost wedding ring found in Atlanta, GA. (2015)

    I got a call this morning from a man that told me that he and his wife had had an argument on the side of the road last night. The wife took off her diamond encrusted wedding ring and hurled it as far as she could…It landed somewhere out in the grass in front of […]

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