Don Carmack

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis. You pay what you can afford and or what you feel your lost item is worth to you.

I do have a call out fee of $25.00 if the item isn't found to cover my gas expense...depending on where you live it may be more or less, call and we can discuss that over the phone.

I'm available to assist Insurance Agencies and Law Enforcement(crime scene searches)

Search Types

I'm available to search day or night, and most all terrain. Water searches will be restricted to a couple of feet, only.

Search Locations

I'm located in Brownwood, Brown County Texas and I'm listed in Abilene and I'm willing to travel surrounding areas to help you find your lost item.

Don Carmack's Bio

I am a retired Texas Peace Officer. Worked 31 years and some of my duties were K-9 and Recovery Diver.

My experience in these two fields along with the investigations and working search grids will enhance my efforts at searching for your lost items.

I have been metal detecting since 1979 when I borrowed my first detector to find my daughters lost baby ring. It was a successful search then I purchased that very detector and have been hunting since.

I have other successful finds such as a ring that had been lost for more than 25 years. Recovered it after an hour of searching in a high trash area.

A second recovery was a college ring that had slipped from a mans finger into the lake. He had lost it from his boat dock.The dive was made at 18 feet. I did not have a submersible detector at that time. Visibility was less than a foot so I improvised by using a tag line and anchors to work a grid. The search was made by feeling in the silt while following the tag line. The ring was recovered and returned to its owner.

Don Carmack - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Gold Ring In Early Tx, Found (2015)

    On Thursday December 17th I received a phone call from a golfing buddy of mine.   Eldon said that a friend of both of ours, Cleve,  had lost his gold ring while running Christmas lights around the eve of his house.  He wanted to know if I could meet Cleve at his residence.  I advised […]

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  • Not Always Jewelry We Hunt Bangs Tx (2015)

    I received a call from a friend, Ken, who is my Pharmacist. He asked if I was still doing the metal detecting stuff. I advised him I was still metal detecting. Ken then said he needed me to find something for him but didn’t know if I would be able to locate it with a […]

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  • Lost silver and turquoise necklace Lampasas Tx (2015)

    Saturday November 28 I was browsing through Craigslist.   I found an entry for a lost silver and turquoise necklace.  The entry read that the person who had lost the necklace had been walking the walk path at the city park in Lampasas. They had not left the walkway and the necklace was lost on […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring in Hawley, Texas (FOUND) (2015)

    Aug 24, 2015 I received a phone call on the morning of August 24th.  The caller gave her name as Jessica.  She stated that she had been at a wedding this past weekend and one of the wedding rings was lost during the ceremony.  she was not the bride but a friend of the bride. […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring in Brownwood & Abilene Texas (2015)

    Hi my name is Don Carmack, I joined The Ring Finders directory as a metal detecting specialist to help people who have lost a very special ring/cherished keepsake. To reach me click on the above Directory, click United States, click Texas, click either Abilene or Brownwod for all the surrounding areas, click my name Don Carmack. […]

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Don Carmack - Testimonials

  • I will never be able to tell you how much this means to my family... (2015)


    Thank you so very much for your time in finding the ring. I handed the rings down to Corey and Kim as they belonged to my mom and dad. Since Corey was their youngest grandchild and I was their only daughter I felt this to be an amazing thing to do. Once again thanks again for finding it.

    I am Corey's Father and Kim's Father-in-law (now)... smile Thank you so much for finding the ring... There is no way we would have been able to find it on our own... The ring had more sentimental value than actual value, but I will never be able to tell you how much this means to my family... Thank you for taking the time to come and help...