David Woolard

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Cost For My Service

All Recoveries are on a REWARD System - so we do ask for a reward based on what the lost item is worth to you and what you can afford. I charge a $20 call out fee to cover my fuel expense (maybe more or less depending on where you are located).

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Yards, Parks, Farm Fields, Athletic Fields, water areas up to 3 feet deep. Private property and some Parks and Athletic Fields with proper permissions. Safety is always priority, so if the area is deemed unsafe, or illegal to enter, services will be withdrawn due to these issues. Call out fee applies if I come out to the area, even if recovery is not possible due to extenuating circumstances

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Greenville, NC * Winterville, NC * Ayden,NC and surrounding townships. I live in a central location to the main areas listed.

David Woolard's Bio

I have been detecting seriously since 2018. I primarily metal detect with a small group of people in my off time. We search farms, yards, parks, and shallow water areas. We have found all kinds of items ranging from modern items, back to Civil War and Colonial Eras. Metal detecting has been very rewarding, educational, and just plain fun for us. It’s always a great pleasure to help someone find a lost heirloom. One of our guys found a gold ring on a farm for a gentleman, who had lost it 40 years before! Talk about a great day ending with a big smile! We hope to add more smiles to that list.

I don’t have a specific site set up yet for finds. I recently started profiles on Clapper and TikTok that will feature some of our finds.