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Cost For My Service

$25 call out fee for Mitchell and Yancy counties and if I travel further it will be a little more to cover my fuel.

If I find the object you are looking for I do it on a reward basis meaning you donate what its worth to you for me finding your lost object.

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Land and water to about 4' deep. You must secure permission if the object is on private property, parks you generally dont have to worry about. Federal land is off limits to a metal detector, campgrounds you will need to secure permission in writing.

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Bakersville, Johnson City Tn and surrounding areas, Asheville and surrounding areas, mainly Mitchell county and Yancy county.

Dave Palenko's Bio

by day im an ironworker/crane operator. In my spare time I can often be seen with my detector on a local field. I have located property stakes, im willing to assist law enforcement in investigations, (searching for weapons or spent shells) and locating lost jewelry if possible. Best way to contact me is by email or text.

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    Received a text from a man about a lost ring about a month ago. Due to work schedule and weather I was unable to get there for nearly a month. Finally a window opened, and I made the trip. We went on the porch and he showed me exactly what he done to lose the […]

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  • lost bit recoverey at job (2014)

    This isn’t really a big deal but since my ring recovery last week I decided to keep a detector with me at all times. Today my employer was putting a metal roof on his addition to the shop. He dropped his impact with the bit and was upset because its a funny looking bit. I […]

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  • lost ring found near Asheville N.C. (2014)

    Got a call from a lady near Asheville N.C. about 1 p.m. on Friday the 10th. She said she lost her engagement ring near a bush at her house. Told her I was busy over the weekend I could try to recover the same day. Anyway I text her about 3:30 and asked if she […]

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  • lost ring in or near asheville/Johnson city tn (2014)

    contact me please and if I can help I will.

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