Charles Corbett

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Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis, only if the item is found. If the search is unsuccessful in NJ, there will be a $25.00 fee to cover the fuel cost for my travel. If out of state, other arrangements can be discussed.

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Jewelry, coins and other valuables lost in beaches, yards, and parks. If the item was lost on private property, you will need to obtain written permission for me to perform the search and recover the item.

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New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania areas surrounding NJ.

Charles Corbett's Bio

I have been metal detecting for over 5 years and have enjoyed finding "treasures" from the past. My recent 2014 finds include three Civil War era .52 caliber Sharps carbine lead Minnie balls and a brass key from the 1800's.

Charles Corbett - Recent Blog Post

  • Silver Ring Found in Iselin, New Jersey! (2020)

    May 21, 2020 – Received a call from a past client (found gold ring lost during landscaping a year or two ago) and requested to return to help him find a recently lost silver ring while landscaping. This gentleman, while an excellent gardener, has had the misfortune to lose another ring due to cold weather […]

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  • Lost White Gold and Diamond Necklace Found in North Brunswick, NJ (2016)

    Received a call on Saturday, July 9th from Alissa about a lost white gold and diamond necklace somewhere in her backyard. Arrived to find that they had also suffered a fire to the gazebo behind their home next to their deck shortly after the necklace was lost. After repeatedly conducting a grid search in the […]

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  • Lost White Gold Wedding Set Found Belmar New Jersey (2016)

    Received a call around at 8 pm on Sunday, July 3rd from Nancy that she had lost her wedding band and engagement ring in the sand at the beach in Belmar, NJ. I arrived around 10:30 pm and was able to see that this would be a challenge as Nancy and her husband could not […]

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  • Lost Gold High School Ring Found in South Plainfield, New Jersey (2016)

    3/22016 – Received a call from Nancy of South Plainfield, N.J. about a lost gold ring in her front yard. After running some other errands, I met up with Nancy and she showed me her front yard and some landscaping where she had been working when she lost her ring. After getting some details, she […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring Set Found in Snow in New Jersey (2016)

    1/25/2016 – Received a call from Nancy, the daughter of a woman (also named Nancy) who believed her mother had lost her wedding rings in the snow while cleaning off a van in northern New Jersey. Wasn’t able to arrive until the following day to a emotionally distraught woman. After checking around the area, had […]

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