Ann Milburn

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Cost For My Service

Call out fee is $35 to cover fuel and reward based on what your item means to you and what you can afford. Scuba diving is a bit more to cover the cost of my fuel, scuba tank fill and maintenance of equipment but can be discussed when you call.

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Land and water. Scuba Diving. Beaches, parks and yards.

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Peterborough, Lakefield, Millbrook, Omemee, and surrounding areas up to 45 min driving in any direction.

Ann Milburn's Bio

I've been metal detecting for 12 years and (open water) diving for 6. I have had many successful recoveries on both land and water. I completely enjoy my metal detecting/scuba diving hobby and am hoping to use my hobby to help people who have lost items. I joined Ringfinders because I really enjoy helping people and seeing the happy smiles on peoples faces when a cherished item is returned to them.

Ann Milburn - Témoignages

  • She is an amazing person and I am very lucky to have met her on (2019)


    I was at a cottage in boshkung lake over the Canada day weekend. While I was swimming in the lake, I lost my almost brand new Apple Watch. I was extremely disappointed on myself for not being able to take care of it and there wasn’t a single day that I did not think about my watch. Especially, since I am a student it was a very big deal for me and on top of that I was using the watch mainly to deal with my anxiety and panic attacks. After a month of waiting to see if someone returns it, I came across the site theringfinders. Then I met this amazing human being, Ann Milburn. She offered to find me my watch and went out of her way to find me my watch. She drove 1.5 hours away from Peterborough and spent much of her time trying to locate my watch. When she sent me the photo of my watch, I was over the moon. It’s a feeling that you cannot express in words. She is an amazing person and I am very lucky to have met her on She is a fine example that humanity still exists. I’ll be forever grateful to her and I would recommend her for anyone in my situation. May god bless her !

    Best regards,

    Rishard Rameez