Andy Turbyfill

Cost For My Service

I have a $25.00 call out fee to help cover fuel cost, and my service is on a reward basis. This means you pay what you think it was worth to find your lost item. If I cannot find your item then no fee will be expected but the call out fee.

Search Types

Lost rings, jewelry, and keys. Lost family heirlooms, estate searches, and any lost metallic valuables. I search yards, parks, old home sites, athletic fields, gardens etc... If the search is on private property, then you must obtain permission beforehand. If the search is on national or state park grounds, metal detecting there is prohibited, but the park services are usually understanding about this and will typically grant permission when asked beforehand. I can search shallow water in Lakes & Rivers up to 4 feet deep.

Search Locations

Bryson City, NC and surrounding areas.

Andy Turbyfill's Bio

I’ve lived in Western North Carolina for the past 30 years. My wife and I have been married for 28 years and we have two children, both married. I have been seriously detecting for over 6 years and enjoy the hobby very much. I have helped find jewelry for my friends and family and I decided to join Ring Finders so I could help others recover their valuables and memories. There is nothing more satisfying than to be able to reconnect an owner with their lost memory or keep sake.

Andy Turbyfill - Recent Blog Post

  • Quick Ring Recovery at a Volleyball Court (2019)

    I got a call from a local College student Rachel.   She unfortunately had lost a very special ring while playing volleyball at her apartment complex.  After discussing the details it sounded like an easy recovery.  And it was.  Only took about 5 minutes and the ring was back on her finger and a smile back […]

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  • Ring Recovery in the Vinyard (2018)

    I got an email late one evening and Daniel was in need of some help to find his wedding band he had lost while walking through a vineyard.  It turned out to be a quick recovery and Daniel was very glad to have his ring back.  He said his hand didn’t feel « naked » anymore.  Thank […]

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  • Ring Recovery in a Grassy Ravine – Outside a Walmart (2017)

    I got a call from a lady who needed help finding her wedding set. Let’s just say it wound up in a grassy ravine outside of a Walmart. No judgement here, it happens all the time.  It sounded pretty cut and dry and it didn’t look like a difficult place to hunt so the next […]

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  • Ring Recovery at a Local Creek for a Fisherman (2017)

    Got an email form Brett about a lost ring.  I contacted him and the next morning we  were able to get together.  It seems that he was cleaning fish at the creek side, and the fish slime caused his wedding band to slip off.  I made it a little harder for myself than I needed […]

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  • Ring Recovery – Platinum & 3 Carat Diamond (2017)

    I recently had a nice lady named Carrie contact me through a Craigslist ad that I run about my services with The Ring Finders.  She was in desperate need of help finding her engagement ring that was Platinum with a 3 carat diamond.  Needless to say she needed it found as quickly as possible.  She […]

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