Andy Sabisch

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Cost For My Service

My wife and I work on a reward basis, which means you pay what it’s worth to you and what you can afford to have us find your lost item. There are no hidden fees, simply pay what you can afford after the search efforts are completed. There is a call-out fee that would be charged to cover transportation costs depending on your location and would be agreed upon in advance. We don't do this for the money . . . getting a lost item back to the rightful owner is the most important thing to us!

Rechercher un type

We are able to search virtually any type of location your item might have been lost in including lawns, parks, playgrounds, beaches, lakes, streams, woods, campgrounds, and even the ocean. Our equipment allows us to search these types of terrain including deeper water with SCUBA gear and underwater metal detectors.

“We fully support Local Law Enforcement and are willing to assist in evidence recovery or provide training to departments on how to use equipment they may have at no cost. We have worked with agencies across the country over the past 40 years and have been able to recover evidence that made a difference in the outcome of a crime.”

Rechercher un Emplacement

Lost items such as jewelry, keys, cellphones, coins, caches (estates), and iron items such as survey markers or underground tanks are just some of the items that we are capable of locating for you and have found for others.

If you lost your item on private property owned by someone else or on State / Federal land, it will be necessary to obtain prior permission from the landowner or land authority before we can conduct a search. We are happy to assist you with this process.

Andy Sabisch's Bio

My name is Andy Sabisch and I received my first metal detector in 1964 as a Christmas gift that everyone thought would be tossed in the closet within a few weeks. Well, 56 years later, I am still actively involved in all aspects of metal detecting and recovery. I have traveled around the world with metal detectors in tow and have introduced my kids and wife to the hobby. I have been involved in the design and testing of metal detectors for decades with several of the major manufacturers and can put this experience to use in locating what you might feel has been lost forever.

My wife, Charlene, is also an avid detectorist and operates Treasure Hunting Outfitters which is a full-service metal detector shop located in Jackson, MS. With her access to virtually any type of equipment on the market, the Sabisch team will have what it takes to find what you have lost be it on land or in the water.

Each search is unique and has its own challenges, but we have the experience of having conducted literally 100’s of recoveries over the past 50 years which allows us to overcome whatever hurdles might arise during your specific recovery. While timing is important since items can be found by others especially on public property, we have recovered items lost 40+ years ago and returned them to their owners.

It's extremely rewarding to see how happy people are when we find a piece of jewelry or other items that they thought were lost forever. We are looking forward to help you find your lost valuable!